Tim Robbins endorses Woody Harrelson: COVID protocols must end Liberal-news

Tim Robbins backs Woody Harrelson’s demand that Hollywood end COVID protocols on TV and movie sets. exchange Liberal-news article about Harrelson’s opinion, Robbins told his Twitter followers: “Woody is right. It’s time to end this charade.” The “Shawshank Redemption” actor tagged SAG-AFTRA and the Actors’ Equity Association so both organizations could see his statement.

In an interview with The New York Times last month, Harrelson said it’s “absurd” that COVID protocols are still in place on Hollywood sets. He added: “I don’t think anyone should have the right to demand that you be forced to get tested, wear the mask and get vaccinated three years later. I’m like, let’s end this nonsense.”

“It’s not fair to the crews,” he continued. “I don’t have to wear the mask, why should they? Why should they get vaccinated? How is that not up to the individual? I shouldn’t be talking about this [expletive]. It makes me angry for the crew. The anarchist part of me, I don’t feel like we should have forced testing, forced masking, and forced vaccination. That is not a free country. I’m really talking about the crew. Because I can do without wearing a mask, I can try less. I’m not in the same position as them, but it’s wrong. It’s three years. Arrest.

Harrelson’s New York Times interview posted shortly before his stint as host of “Saturday Night Live” on February 25. The actor drew controversy for his opening monologue, which turned into a polarizing joke about the COVID conspiracy. Harrelson spent most of the monologue of him promoting the “craziest script” he’s ever read.

“So the movie is like that,” Harrelson explained at the climax of the monologue. “The biggest drug cartels in the world come together and buy all the media and all the politicians and force everyone in the world to stay locked up in their homes. And people can only get out if they take the cartel drugs and keep taking them over and over again.”

“I threw out the script,” Harrelson added. “I mean, who would believe that crazy idea? Forced to use drugs? I do it voluntarily every day.”

Harrelson was clearly referring to the COVID mandates, which he has routinely criticized in recent years. Now Robbins is joining Harrelson in urging Hollywood to remove the mandates.

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