Narwhal Freo: a mop with its own personality Liberal-news

Family life can be fast-paced. The increasing need for a two-income household means that people are always looking for technological solutions to keep the home clean and tidy. The trusty bucket and mop are becoming more of a luxury for people who have time for such arduous tasks. Fortunately, advances and innovations in cleaning technology mean that products like cool narwhal (opens in a new tab) It can take the headache out of keeping a clean home and do all the work of chasing down dirt and spills for you.

(Image credit: Narwhal)

Coming home to sparkling clean floors is one of life’s simple pleasures, and the Narwal Freo promises to deliver by not only treating both carpets and hard surfaces with a combination of superior vacuuming and mopping abilities, but cleaning itself when has finished. Here’s a closer look at all of Narwal Freo’s smart cleaning features.

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